Tilak Pediatrics

Welcome to Our Practice

Thank you for considering Doctors Inlet Pediatrics as your child’s medical home.  We have a skilled team of board-certified pediatricians and pediatric and family nurse practitioners committed to provide comprehensive medical care for infants, children and adolescents.  Our office is well represented with courteous and knowledgeable staff, including certified medical assistants, referral coordinators and front office specialists.  We use state of the art electronic medical records software that not only increases our efficiency but also provides for the privacy of your child’s medical records as required by law.

Dr Suwarna (Sue) Tilak believes a courteous trusting relationship between providers, staff, patient, and family is essential to achieve fulfillment of our goal of a happy healthy life for your child and you.  Your questions regarding your child’s medical care are always welcome, and we want you to be confident that all decisions made will be in the best interest of the patient.  If at anytime you find yourself doubting our integrity, we will provide professional, courteous assistance as you search for another provider or practice.

Our Mission:

Our practice is working together to build life-long relationships between our staff and our patients and parents by offering compassionate yet comprehensive care, with excellence in  medical management and evidence based  knowledge application necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.  To fulfill our mission we:

  • Provide quality care in a child-centered environment
  • Listen respectfully to all of our patients and their families, who we are privileged to serve
  • Guide our patients and family along a path of optimal health and wellness through informed decision making
  • Pursue excellence at all levels, in a humble way
  • Provide medical care for parent of our pediatric patients, under the care of our Family Practice, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, based on insurance coverage

The purpose of this website is to provide you with important information you need to become acquainted with our practice and to provide useful information for caregivers of children.  As you browse the site you will learn more about our providers, the services we offer, and the required information we need to provide appropriate care to your child and family. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any unanswered questions or concerns.  We are available not only during our listed business hours but can also be reached 24 hours, seven day a week for urgent medical matters, just by calling our main number. 

Center for Disease Control Immunization Information: